Students Speak Up! How would you use the WOTM Discussion guide?

 Students we want to hear from you!

WOTM is beginning an exciting round of train the trainer workshops in local colleges and universities.   We will be screening our documentary and featuring the discussion guide developed to accompany it.

For those of you who have already had a workshop with us, tell us how you could use what you have learned in your placement or future practice, don’t forget to tell us which school you attend.

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8 thoughts on “Students Speak Up! How would you use the WOTM Discussion guide?”

  1. The workshop gave me a better understanding and motivation on how to handle my future clients. Each of us have our own story to tell and making the group speak up and earning their trust is the hardest, but with the proper approach and strategy(using the suggestions and tips given on the guide), I’ll be able to convince them to be open and participate and show them that they are no longer alone in their battle.

  2. My favourite part about Women On The Move was the positive and negative scripts. I think this can be applied to any program and can be useful to everyone in their every day life.
    I would implement this workshop with female youth aged 12-17 in a Girls Leadership Program. I would specifically utilize the negative and positive scripts so that their narratives become visible to them. I also want to use this exercise to uncover my own scripts. Then, we all create positive scripts.
    I also love Women On The Move’s approach to empowering participants and having them speak out to inspire others in the community. I would love to apply this in a Girls Leadership Program and have the girls go out in their communities and deliver inspiring messages that call on other leaders in the community. This creates an excellent leadership opportunity and a chance for them to inspire others to be leaders.

    1. Mackenzie, thank you for sharing your thoughts. The section in the Women on the Move Documentary about internal scripts is very powerful and the backbone of the work we do with women and youth when supporting them with developing their leadership capacity. We hope you can take the material we’ve shared and support youth in your community. Keep in touch and let us know how things work out in the future.

  3. I like how the Women on the Move Program empowers women to have a voice and to re story their experience through their own lens. Women are able to build up their self esteem and use their existing skills to build their communities. They are also able to learn new things. I would love to use this approach , but through the use of the arts to reach children as well who experience domestic violence, and to help them find their voice and tell their stories through their lens. Women learning from women and building allies in their communities can also include youth learning from each other and impacting their own communities .

  4. I was really moved by the whole presentation. I was unaware of the Redwood Program and I feel The Woman on the Move is a very powerful piece of the program that brings women together who are fleeing or experiencing abuse. The presentation showed the audience that incidents of male violence can affect all women regardless of their class, age or sexual orientation. I really like the idea of a group facilitation that occurs within this program. Further, it is really important for women to know they can have the supports they need to re-establish themselves as independent women, single parents, or as they struggle with their decisions about staying or leaving their relationship. I also feel group facilitation is effective as it incorporates looking at different women’s experiences, reminding these women they are important and allowing women to voice their interests as well as perspectives to achieve individual goals as well as group goals. I was also able to see the important role the group facilitator plays such as assisting in teaching, concealing and therapy for constructive change. Another piece I really thought was powerful was that this program allows women to be involved within the organization and attend events to share their stories and the impact the program has had on their lives. I found it important that women are given the courage to speak of their experiences, and we were able to see this with the guest speaker who is currently in the program. I thought it was very sad to see the pain she is\has gone through but also very moving that she was able to get up in front of students and talk about her goals for the future which I have no doubt she will be able to achieve. Lastly, It was interesting to see that each woman that spoke of their story in the documentary had a positive outcome and change in their life that they have wanted for many years. It shows the success of this program. Overall, their were many aspects of this presentation that moved me and I would recommend this program to any woman I know that is experiencing abuse and pain in their everyday life.

    Thank you again!

  5. Thanks Lauren for your comments. I was honoured to be there and tell my story. I think students like you are the ones that will bring change to society in this matter.

  6. I was at your presentation in Andrea’s class at George Brown. I absolutely loved your presentation and really felt inspired from the work that you are doing and the results of this program. The Women on the Move program I think is great because of the life building skills the program is providing these women. The documentary was quite moving to watch and see the progress of the women within the program and to see each of them be empowered. This program I think needs to be implemented to many different organizations because we need more women to really feel empowered. Great job!

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