Program Components

The Women on the Move program is a year in length and is it designed to support participants with their personal growth, goal development and community participation. The Women on the Move program consists of three major components. They are as follows:

Self-Assessment: women take an in-depth look at their existing skills, goals and trauma associated with the violence they may have experienced. This allows women to develop effective coping strategies and set intentions for their future.

Leadership Development: is a hands-on leadership model that provides the opportunity for women and girls to learn more about their strengths and how to build upon them in their personal and professional lives. Participants have the opportunity to improve their communication skills, public speaking, presentation delivery and group facilitation skills.

Advocacy and Community Development: supports women with going into their community to support women who may have experienced gender based violence. Participants accompany and take on a co-facilitator support role for members of The Redwood outreach team during workshops and community events as part of their training, participants sit on committees and put together workshop material to support women with discussing issues related to violence. This type of community involvement supports participants with developing their confidence while supporting others.

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