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The End of a Journey, The Start of New Journeys

The women in the Women on the Move (WOTM) program have come to the end of their one year journey. Throughout the year the women spent time challenging  themselves. Many of the women stepped out of their comfort zone and tried new things. This experience has shaped the way women think about themselves and what their capable of accomplishing.

Here are some testimonials from the WOTM members:

“The most defining moment in this program was the Financial Literacy workshop by Christine (previous WOTM member). It was an awakening to me. I have money, but I do not know how to manage it. She spent a good amount of time with each one of us. I lerned a lot but most importantly, I applied the skills and stuck to it.” Kiden

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“This program has helped me to find myself and understand that I have a great deal to give and in giving, I will find happiness and my true self.” Daniella


“This program helped me to find my inner strength and see things logically. It also helped me face difficulties and crisis situations. I believe all of us have the ability to solve any problems that come into our lives. Women on the Move gave me the courage to find a solution to overcome my problems.” Ishrat


The staff at The Redwood would like to thank the women for their commitment to this journey. We know it wasn’t easy but we’re thrilled to see their ongoing passion and dedication to making positive changes within themselves and their community.

The Redwood WOTM group of 2014!

We are so excited that The Redwood started its 5th year of the WOTM leadership group on April 26th, 2014. There was more interest from community members and partners than any year previously! We interviewed over 16 applicants, those that weren’t able to join the group expressed interest in becoming a Redwood volunteer.

The current Women on the Move group consists of 13 women who are from diverse backgrounds. Many of them have left abusive relationships and are looking to build their self-esteem, get involved in their community and make a difference in the lives of other women who have experienced violence.

We have started working our way through the curriculum and already the women are so excited about the experience. They are an extremely ambitious, amazing group who are taking full advantage of the opportunity to work together and who are so excited about setting fantastic goals for themselves. Amazingly, many of them have already fulfilled some of their goals! We could not be more excited for them to continue this year and could not be more excited for us to be able to witness their success and walk alongside them.