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WOTM Women Take Back the Night

On September 20th, Take Back the Night held it’s annual march, raising awareness around gender based violence. The event is organized for and by the community. The vision for the event is to eradicate all forms of violence and systemic oppression.

This year, The Redwood outreach team along with a WOTM member participated in organizing the event.  Throughout the event, one of our WOTM members, Sadia played an important  role in organizing, facilitating and raising awareness about gender-based violence.

Check out Sadia’s Take Back the Night speech below!



WOTM at Big on Bloor!

The outreach team and volunteers had a busy and productive two days tabling at Big on Bloor the weekend of July 19th and 20th.

We spoke to community members at the event about the work that The Redwood does, including our amazing Women on the Move program. People were excited to learn about this powerful program and many expressed interest in our program materials (the Program Manual and the Documentary Discussion Guide) to use in their communities and in the work that they do with them.

We loved the opportunity to share what we do with the community at Big on Bloor and we’re looking forward to next year!

Please click below to view a selection of photos from the event.

Celebrating with the Community

Throughout the summer the Women on the Move team will be attending a number of summer festivals as a way of raising awareness about gender-based violence.  We will be attending two community festivals.

For the second year in a row WOTM members will be attending the Big on Bloor Festival on July 19th & 20th, 2014. This event is designed to connect community members with local businesses and community services in Bloordale. Members of the WOTM team will be sharing their experience of being in the program and giving out information about The Redwood’s shelter services.

Big on Bloor Photo #11

On August 23rd we will be attending the third annual Scarborough Afro-Caribbean Festival. This is our second year attending this event. Amongst the Caribbean and African performances, poetry, dancing and food we found that there is a real need for people to know about gender based violence, shelter services and leadership programs like Women on the Move. We look forward to attending these festivals and we hope to see you at our information table.

If you’d like to know more about the Women on the Move program but can’t attend either festival please join us at our upcoming WOTM Webinar in Fall 2014.  Feel free to contact Stephanie at In the meantime, receive program updates by following us on Twitter @WOTM_RW.