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Humber College Students Envisioning Ways to End Violence Against Women

We want to hear your thoughts on violence against women.

The Redwood community outreach team visited Humber College to complete a workshop on WOTM and gender based violence. In this workshop, the WOTM documentary was shown, and we touched on topics such self-perception, leadership and the impacts of community based organizations on women experiencing violence. We also had a special guest speaker, current WOTM member Alma, who spoke about her personal journey.

Now it’s your turn!

As future social workers, how will you use what you learned in today’s workshop to support women in your upcoming careers?

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The Women on the Move Graduation

The Women on the Move Graduation marks the end of the women’s one year journey. It highlighted their accomplishments and gave them an opportunity to share all they learned from the program with The Redwood staff, board members, donors, family and friends.

IMG_1029     IMG_1017IMG_1089  IMG_1057

This year’s ceremony was especially memorable. The WOTM Youth performed an original play they created alongside Genevieve Weigel who is the WOTM Youth Counsellor.  The play addressed the issue of family violence, trauma, identity, drug induced sexual assault and street harassment. The play provided audience members with a glimpse into the challenges teenage girls face while growing up. It also highlighted the strength and resilience of women and girls.  Audience members left the play with an understanding that it’s important for us as women to stand together and speak out against all forms of violence. 

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The WOTM participants also created vision boards, which highlighted their goals for the future. Throughout the program women worked on developing their skills through personal development and community activism. 
Sadia's Vision Board 2015
    IMG_1026 - Copy IMG_1023

IMG_1024 - Copy

As the program comes to a close we’re entering into the 6th year of the Women on the Move Program. This year we’ll be focusing on supporting women with developing their entrepreneurial capacity, gaining employment and pursuing post-secondary studies.

We invite you to continue to follow us as we embark on this new journey.